Australian Volunteers International

March 20, 2023

Child Safeguarding a Global Responsibility

Ensuring the rights and safety of children is always protected is the responsibility of everyone. As a volunteer organisation, AVI takes a tough approach to child safeguarding and always find opportunities to develop awareness and skills in communities.

Recipients of a grant from the AVI managed Child Safe Volunteering hub, BIRTH Fiji were able to develop and implement a Child Safeguarding Policy that met their specific needs.

The grant enabled BIRTH Fiji to employ the resources need to review and update existing policies and procedures, including our Code of Ethics, Child Protection Policy, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy, Terms of Reference employment contracts and job descriptions and finance policies.

This led to a change in focus to revise the organisational systems at BIRTH Fiji in order to meet the required standards as well as training and workshops for staff and volunteers to understand the policies and procedures and the importance of compliance.

Through this project, BIRTH Fiji recognised the need to improve parental education and special awareness sessions were conducted among the community, including take home materials.