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Responsible Volunteering

As the first international volunteering for development agency in the world, AVI created a global movement, paving the way for similar organisations right around the world.

Never has this been more important as we witness an alarming rise in the number of entities contributing to the trend of Volunteer Tourism, or ‘Voluntourism’.

AVI is deeply committed to living out its values, and those of our educational and corporate partners, and upholding its reputation as an ethical, sector leader in responsible volunteering for development. Bound by our locally driven, strengths-based approach, built on partnerships of mutual respect and trust, everything we do is underpinned by respect for the universal protection of human rights.

We ensure both the communities we support and our volunteers are protected through a range of safeguards and standards that reflect global best-practice for volunteering.

For more detail, download the Responsible International Volunteering for Development pdf, prepared by AVI in collaboration with ACFID member organisations.

Australian Volunteers Program

AVI is very proud to lead the consortium managing the Australian Volunteers Program, an Australian Government-funded initiative that supports global volunteering, with DT Global and Alinea International, on behalf of the Australian Government. The program is part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) people-to-people program portfolio.

The Australian Volunteers Program matches skilled Australians with partner organisations, to help those organisations achieve their own development goals. A broad range of Australian volunteers, with diverse experience, skills and backgrounds, are needed to support partner organisations in the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Shannon Whitwell, volunteer Literacy Program Developer Mentor, with May Ah San

The Australian Volunteers Program

  • Matches skilled Australians to volunteer with partner organisations through volunteer assignments, including a targeted initiative for Indigenous Australian volunteers
  • Supports partner organisation through a small grants program
  • Explores better ways to connect ideas and people through the Innovation Hub
  • Fosters connections between international partners and Australian organisations
  • Shares knowledge through training and networking
  • Supports past volunteers to stay connected
Australian Volunteers Program

Shannon Whitwell, volunteer Literacy Program Developer Mentor, with May Ah San

Join the Alumni

Are you a past volunteer? If you have completed an Australian Government-funded international volunteer assignment you are part of a very special group of alumni.

The Australian Volunteers Program Alumni is an alumni-driven and led network for all past Australian volunteers.

The Alumni helps past volunteers stay connected with each other and the Australian Volunteers Program, as well as supporting wider awareness of the value of volunteering and increasing greater cultural awareness and connections across countries.

Visit the Alumni website for more