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People and Businesses are Stepping In

International volunteering is growing in line with increased global awareness and citizenship.

Companies contribute the skills of their employees through corporate volunteering programs that not only benefit communities for generations, but also improve an organisation’s bottom line through performance and leadership improvement, retention, recruitment and new market development.

Experienced international leadership is highly competitive and many company recruitment and retention programs focus only on pleasure-based rewards and in-house training, while employees are increasingly looking for programs with meaning.

“Meaning is a stronger predictor of happiness than pleasure across all cultures. This is where international volunteering shines brightest, with many purposely seeking out employers that offer the type of meaningful leadership and retention programs that international volunteering provides.” Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report

How AVI Supports Your Objectives

AVI partners with organisations to develop a volunteering program tailored to their specific requirements.

Our white-labelled product is adapted to your corporate and employee objectives, it allows our corporate partners to brand and promote the volunteering opportunity, both internally and externally, as their own.

With our experience in designing and delivering quality and ethical cross-cultural experiences, and mobilising hundreds of volunteers every year, AVI is well placed to support organisations in strengthening their capacities and meeting high industry standards.

    Our corporate partners benefit from a flexible and scalable solution, that:

  • Allows you to brand and promote the program, both internally and externally, as your own.
  • Has the support of AVI experts through some or every stage of your process, you choose.
  • Benefits from AVI staff support on location.
  • Draws from a large network of development partners to find a program that suits you.
  • Is a locally driven, strengths-based approach matched to your corporate and employee objectives.
  • Receives promotion through AVI’s website and social media.
  • Is fully monitored and evaluated for outcome measurement and continuous improvement.
  • Is above all underpinned by respect for the universal protection of human rights.

Our white-labelled product allows you to scale your level of support


Help to assess and design your program, aligning to your organisational values, objectives and the skills volunteers will share.


Help to equip and build capabilities among your co-ordinators and staff. This includes assessing and preparing your volunteers.

Your team receives ‘Train the Trainer’ and engaging, best-practice pre-departure preparation to help build your in-house capabilities, leveraging from AVIs extensive field experience coving subjects such as: child safe-guarding, cultural awareness, personal safety and security.


Our support continues throughout the volunteer’s journey, with compliance and security central, we are on the ground to help. We make sure that your corporate international volunteering program is well managed and is achieving outcomes for both you and the community you’re supporting.


Coming home can sometimes be the hardest part of an international experience. Reflection workshops are a great way to guide volunteers through their journey home, prepare them for possible reverse culture shock and help them maximise the learnings to support their career journey on the longer term.

You receive a report on outcomes using our monitoring and evaluation framework.

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