Australian Volunteers International

Partner with AVI

To achieve change through sustainable and ethical local development.

AVI offers a number of ways for organisations, schools, universities and international NGOs to partner with us.

Since 1951, AVI is Australia’s longest running international volunteer organisation and has supported effective and sustainable development outcomes with over 3,000 partner organisations in 89 developing countries, always bound by the conviction that the most effective change is locally owned and led.

The connections we build with all our partners develop into deep and rewarding, cross-sector relationships – where benefit flows both ways.

Our programs are not “off-the-shelf” voluntourism, instead they are programs where we know the change is wanted, achievable, impactful and sustainable.

Why Partner with AVI

With over 70 years’ experience, AVI is Australia’s leading volunteer organisation that:

Volunteer Carly Clutterbuck with colleague Mindu Dorji in Thimphu, Bhutan

  • Is the only organisation that can support your volunteers on the ground with 140 staff across 29 locations, including Australia.
  • Is committed to programs that meet community need and achieve real outcomes for the community, the organisation and the volunteer.
  • Has an extensive network of community partners globally.
  • Is known for its high ethical, safety and security protocols.
  • Is the only Australian signatory to the International Forum for Volunteering for Development aimed at stamping out unethical volunteering.
  • Is the primary, long-term volunteering management organisation for Australian Federal Government funded volunteer programs.

Volunteer Carly Clutterbuck with colleague Mindu Dorji in Thimphu, Bhutan

AVI supports your organisation’s objectives

With our experience in designing and delivering quality and ethical cross-cultural experiences, and mobilising hundreds of volunteers every year, AVI is well placed to support organisations in strengthening their capacities and meeting high industry standards.

We work with you to provide a solution that meets your objectives and resources:

Our partners come from all industries

From local associations and educational institutions to major corporates, our 100+ partners broaden the capability of employees and students through skilled volunteering.

Below are just a few that Australian Volunteers International, together with our consortium-led Australian Volunteers Program, are proud to work with.