Strong Governance

AVI is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and delivers best practice in international development as demonstrated through our membership with ACFID and registration with ACNC.

As a member of the International Forum for Volunteering for Development (Forum) AVI continued to play an important role in the advocacy for, and development of, volunteering for development policy and practice globally.

In 2019, AVI was selected to host Forum’s global annual conference for members (IVCO2020) and AVI’s CEO Mel Gow currently sits o the Board of Forum.

We have robust policies and practices in place regarding safety and security, child protection, prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, anti-corruption and fraud and diversity and inclusion, all of which are publicly available online.

The Board has overall oversight of the governance of AVI and maximises its scrutiny through its subcommittees. Committees comprise Directors plus independent members who extend and complement the Board’s skills, while also providing a measure of external objectivity. AVI has in place the following committees to oversee its governance processes:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) Committee;
  • Quality & Governance Committee
  • People & Culture Committee