Australian Volunteers International

Careers At AVI

AVI is made up of 150 passionate professionals globally, with offices in 23 countries, supporting people-to-people led development outcomes right around the world.

Each and every day we are motivated by the knowledge that when you bring the right people with the right skills together, you can build truly sustainable building locally-driven capacity where it’s needed most.

We value equity and social justice; integrity; diversity and inclusion; partnership; solidarity and respect – and we are committed to living out these values in everything we do.

Joining AVI is so much more than just a job. It’s a chance to join a team of people with a sincere passion and belief that the work they help to support, truly makes a difference.

We value the experience of those who have already shown their commitment to volunteering, regardless of program, location or format.

Current Opportunities

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Benefits of working at AVI

Salary and Flexibility

Youth volunteers Transparency International Fiji

Salary packaging

All Australian-based employees enjoy generous salary packaging benefits which allow you to increase your take home pay by saving on your income tax. Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain expenses like your mortgage, rent or private health insurance before your taxable income is calculated.

Hybrid working arrangements

With employees in 23 countries, AVI has finetuned the art of remote working. We have built our systems and processes to enable our staff to work effectively wherever they are. However there is also something special about being able to collaborate with your colleagues face to face and staff still have access to a traditional desk when they need it.

Flexible working arrangements

AVI offers a highly flexible work environment to cater for family commitments, hobbies and, well, life. Depending on your role, our flexible work policies enable you to work from home, compress your work week, or job share where appropriate.

Youth volunteers Transparency International Fiji

Wellbeing and development

Evan Doran, Research Development Officer, Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar

Pet friendly

Wednesdays are ‘bring your dog to work’ day in our Melbourne office. It’s well known that having pets in the office can reduce stress and improve morale.

Opportunities to go on an overseas assignment

There’s no better way to see the results of our work than going on assignment yourself. We believe this so firmly that we have built a clause into our Australian Enterprise Agreement that staff can access up to 12 months leave without pay if they are successfully recruited for a volunteer assignment . When you return, your paid employment with AVI will resume

Staff wellbeing

We offer all our employees access to a free Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers a plethora of resources aimed at improving your personal and professional health and wellbeing.

Continuous professional development

All staff have access to learning and development, including individual, team or professional ongoing learning. Study leave is available to all employees who wish to undertake further study in the tertiary sector.

Evan Doran, Research Development Officer, Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar