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Cross-cultural experience provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their skills and enrich their learning, producing career-ready professionals and responsible global citizens.


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With over 70 years of experience in designing robust student mobility frameworks, delivering quality and ethical cross-cultural experiences, and mobilising hundreds of volunteers every year, AVI is Australia’s premier secondary and tertiary education mobility specialists.

Through international placements, whether in-person or virtual, students gain a distinct perspective and sense of self, while building people-to-people connections and deepening relationships between Australia and partners in the Indo-Pacific region, enhancing their future potential and ultimately, employability.

Why Outsource Mobilisation?

The education sector has dramatically reshaped its student experience approach due to the complex challenges presented by COVID. For those schools and universities offering overseas opportunities, the shifting duty of care requirements mean constant upskilling of in-house staff.

We’ve drawn on student and university feedback, current global trends and our experience mobilising hundreds of volunteers every year to design a framework that builds on your current capacity, strengthens student bonds, meets or exceeds duty of care obligations, creates pathways to employment and leverages expert resources.

The best part about our new framework is you can pick and choose the elements you need based on your specific requirements to help you achieve more with less.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of federal government funding initiatives for the Australian Higher Education sector, such as New Colombo Plan, and can provide support in navigating grants and scholarships.

You can be confident that you and your students are well looked after with:

  • Culturally appropriate programs that support existing community initiatives and safeguarding to prevent voluntourism
  • A pro-active approach to risk management. We know how to keep students and partners safe in complex international settings.
  • Decades of experience and a high reputation, including a long-standing partnership with universities and lead delivery partner of DFAT’s flagship program.
  • Over 1200 partnerships across 29 countries and all underpinned by respect for the universal protection of human rights.
  • A choice of services from pre-departure preparation, in-country orientation, 24/7 pastoral care, re-entry workshop to visa support, accommodation and incident management.
  • Rigorous monitoring, evaluation and learning process to ensure we are achieving genuine inclusive development outcomes by tracking and measuring impact.

Student Mobility Offering

Understanding your needs

Whether it’s to build in-house capability, reviewing policy and process or mobility management, we work with you to understand your needs and objectives.

Planning and Preparation

Stage 2 covers everything prior to departure, from student recruitment to pre-departure briefings, you choose the level of support you need.
We offer:

  • Train-the-trainer and e-learning to help build in house capability
  • Compliance that is aligned with government and the Australian Council for International Development’s highest standards.
  • Student selection
  • Risk Assessments

AVI experienced practitioners deliver pre-departure training to hundreds of students and volunteers every year. We adapt to your constraints and tailor content to the experience and the university’s expectations.

On assignment

In country support provides security and peace of mind for students. For many this will be their first time travelling abroad, so we want to help make sure the experience is safe, educational and rewarding.

Return home

Coming home can sometimes be the hardest part of an international experience. Reflection workshops are a great way to guide students through their journey home, prepare them for possible reverse culture shock and help them maximise the learnings to support their academic and career journey on the longer term.

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Our expertise in program promotion, recruitment, mobilisation, cross-cultural preparedness, in-country management, public diplomacy and return home debriefing means we are uniquely positioned to develop bespoke student mobility programs to suit a variety of educational needs.

An un-regulated industry has resulted in the emergence of numerous volunteer tourism or ‘voluntourism’ operators. Partnering with a ‘voluntourism’ provider can place your students at increased risk and supports practices and institutions that do harm in developing countries. As a member of the Australian Council for International Development, AVI meets the highest standards of quality in the development sector.

AVI is committed to ensuring student mobility programs are beneficial for students, schools, universities and the communities in which we work, meaning your program will be experience-rich, ethical and contribute to long-term sustainability.

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