Australian Volunteers International

March 20, 2023

AVI’s 2021-22 Impact Report

As we reflect on the 21-22 year, even with the global uncertainty caused by the pandemic, it’s clear AVI continues to grow in strength, in adaptability, in skills, and in reputation as a premier volunteering organisation.

AVI has continued to partner with hundreds of local organisations across 27 countries, strengthening capacity, supporting their development goals and cementing respectful, transformative relationships. In this report, we share their stories of resilience, positive change and impact from both program partners and volunteers.

Most importantly, AVI continued to share skills and develop the capabilities of Australian university students through specially developed virtual training programs.

We have learnt that remote volunteering is a powerful way to support our partners and it will continue to be part of the volunteering offer. Building on the success of remote assignments, the Australian Volunteers Program commenced pilots for hybrid volunteering placements that will see volunteers undertaking assignments both in-country and virtually as part of a single experience. AVI welcomes the new Australian Government’s renewed commitment to people-to-people development and international development more broadly.

“Like many organisations across the international development sector, we have challenged ourselves within AVI to work through the implications of decolonisation and locally led change.”

We ensure all our work is underpinned by principles of genuine respect and partnership that honour local values, priorities and ways of working. We do this through actively engaging with our global staff, partners and external advisors.

AVI is the only Australian volunteering organisation to be active in the global International Volunteering for Development peak body, Forum. We chair its Global Standards Working Group that set minimum standards for volunteer sending organisations to ensure all international volunteering is done respectfully, is locally driven and seeks to realise Sustainable Development Goals. Alongside our global Forum partners, we will continue to drive the adoption of these Global Standards for international volunteer sending organisations around the world, including here in Australia.

Thank you for your on-going commitment. Through you, we have supported female entrepreneurs in Fiji, a small grants program for our disaster resilience partners, developed a new partnership supporting volunteering with the Reece Foundation and continued to streamline our organisational operations.

To all of our team, thank you.