Australian Volunteers International

October 4, 2023

Australian Humanitarian Partnership’s Disaster READY

Strengthening regional ties to reduce disaster risk in the Pacific

AVI is proud to be a part of the Australian Humanitarian Partnership’s (AHP) Disaster READY program. Disaster READY is a disaster risk reduction and resilience program operating in Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG and Timor-Leste. The program takes a locally-led approach to disaster preparedness, working with local partners to design activities that will best help communities to mitigate against disaster risks and adapt to climate change. The current phase of the program is focused on ensuring that local voices — including those traditionally marginalised, such as women and people with disabilities — are clearly heard in the design of disaster and emergency response.

In the last month, AVI has been privileged to take part in two workshops designed to strengthen local networks and enhance disaster response capacity in the Pacific Region. The 2023 AHP Plan International Fiji Localisation Summit (hosted by AVI) provided a platform for local and international organisations and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions about the advancement of localisation and capacity strengthening in Fiji. The Disaster READY 2.0 Reflections and Planning Workshop in Honiara brought together Solomon Islands partners to identify collaborative opportunities and plan for the year ahead.

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