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AHP Disaster READY

AVI works with Plan International Australia to help communities prepare for disaster and other crises in the Pacific.

Disaster READY is a disaster risk reduction and resilience program supported by the Australian Government and implemented through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership. Its aim is to strengthen disaster preparedness and management by supporting communities and governments to better prepare for and respond to disasters.

This program partners with AVI, leveraging our experience in building long-term relationships with local partners to deliver effective and sustainable outcomes.

“We thank you AVI for your support in co-ordinating the Strategic Planning workshops for PCDF. That wouldn’t have been possible without AVI’s support, and it has enabled us to serve our communities better and more effectively.” – Loata Leweniqila, Partners in Community Development Fiji

With a particular focus on vulnerable groups, Disaster READY focuses ensures everyone is equally included and accounted for in disaster preparedness, management, and risk reduction activities. All underpinned by a commitment to localisation, recognising, respecting and strengthening leadership and decision-making.

With systems and structures in place, local partners are able to support communities to not only withstand the effects of disaster and climate change, but also equip them with the tools needed to return to life as quickly as possible – taking these communities beyond resilience and into recovery.

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