Australian Volunteers International

May 6, 2024

AHP DisasterREADY Localisation Summit – Solomon Islands

AVI was privileged to facilitate a Localisation Summit in Honiara as part of the DisasterREADY program earlier this year. The event drew participants from various sectors including members of the Plan International Solomon Islands consortium, community groups, government officials, local service providers, and non-governmental organisations.

Central to the summit was the consortium’s partnership with a vulnerable community residing near an active volcano on Gatokae Islands. This summit marked the beginning of dialogues and insights gleaned from the community on their perspectives of localisation and how DisasterREADY can support their journey towards better disaster preparedness.

Some comments from the community highlighted that it’s about shifting power dynamics, altering mindsets, and redefining paradigms. While acknowledging that such shifts will take time, the summit provided the momentum needed to propel action forward!