Australian volunteer Ana Burggraaf teaching class at Solomon Islands National University (SINU), Honiara, The Solomon Islands. Photo: D. James

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is an archipelago of islands and coral atolls situated to the North East of Australia. It is geographically and culturally diverse and has over 90 linguistic groups. The population of more than half a million is spread across 900 islands. The economy is based heavily on agriculture and delivery of services can be difficult.

Fast facts
Development challenges

Country history

Australian volunteers have been working in Solomon Islands since 1964, on projects in education, governance, health, sustainable livelihoods, environment and infrastructure.

They have worked in all provinces and across all sectors in Solomon Islands, providing technical assistance, developing capacity, and mentoring governments and a diverse range of non-government and church-based organisations.

Following the June 2000 coup, Australian volunteers were evacuated from Solomon Islands. AVI was the first international organisation to resume working there, returning three Australian volunteers in January 2001, and three months after the signing of the Townsville Peace Accord.

Our country staff

Solomon Islands & Vanuatu (Honiara)

Solomon Islands & Vanuatu (Honiara)

Level 3, Central Plaza, Mendana Avenue, Honiara, Solomon Islands

(Post: PO Box 1026, Honiara, Solomon Islands)

Our priority areas

Working towards good governance

Australian volunteers support the law and justice sector by developing systems and processes across departments. Australian volunteers build organisational capacity of government and civil society organisations in financial and procurement policy.

Enhancing human development

Working with educational institutions, Australian volunteers provide professional development and training opportunities for local teachers, as well as support in developing relevant and practical curriculum and training materials, particularly for vocational training centres. Volunteers support local health systems to improve quality of health services.

Supporting economic growth

Australian volunteers work with local organisations to build capacity of small businesses especially to strengthen the role of women in business.