Australian Volunteers International

Re-plumbing Flood Damaged homes

The disaster recovery efforts are an enormous task and will take a significant investment of time, materials, and resourcing of skills.

On 28 February 2022, the biggest flood in modern history inundated Lismore and the rest of the northern Rivers region.  This disastrous weather event destroyed thousands of homes across the region, leaving residents homeless.

Through their partnership with Resilient Lismore, the Reece Foundation provided essential plumbing services to those who are displaced or vulnerable because of the floods so that their homes become habitable again.  

This project was rolled-out over two phases.  The work required for these homes was scoped during Phase 1 of this project (November 2022), and Phase 2 saw a team of skilled trades people for approximately 3 weeks to rebuild water and sanitation facilities of some of the most vulnerable residents whose homes were damaged by the floods. 

Through this project Reece Foundation achieved more than they hoped, with over 70 houses being worked on. With a cohort of 16 volunteers over the 2 phases, Reece Foundation and Resilient Lismore were very happy with the outcome. 

“Lismore had a far bigger need than we first thought. It was incredibly confronting to see this in Australia, I’m grateful to AVI’s thorough pre-briefings.” Lismore and Cambodia volunteer, Carl Bushby, Pipeline Plumbing

A tailored approach to suit our partners

Reece Foundation already had certain in-house capability, so AVI provided support where it was most needed

  • Screening, reference checking, psychometric and behavioural assessments with the candidates
  • Utilising its Volunteering Mobilisation Model to work with the Reece Foundation and its partner organisation, Resilient Lismore, to provide pre-departure briefings, pastoral care, and a de-mobilisation (return) briefing.
  • Facilitating the insurances and paperwork required for a domestic volunteer assignment and payment of living allowances to the volunteers.
  • Reece Foundation’s trusted advisor in mitigating and managing risks associated with sending volunteers to a community that had experienced and was living in trauma