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Hygienic water systems in Cambodia

AVI supports the Reece Foundation to connect skilled plumbers with community programs.

Reece Foundation volunteering – Cambodia

AVI supported Reece Foundation in their pilot program in July 2022 to recruit and mobilise 6 tradespeople to Cambodia to help provide water and basic sanitation to communities in need. The objectives of the assignment were to: improve health outcomes through the provision of clean drinking water & sanitation facilities, increase school attendance rates by providing students with clean water to take home, provide basic plumbing training to rural Cambodians.

Reece Foundation partnered with their partner organisation Community Generation and their local partner Clear Cambodia by funding, building, and installing large-scale and household BioSand water filters in schools and homes to provide long-term sanitation and hygiene Health Programs, training and resources. 

Next steps

After measuring the outcomes from this first trip to Cambodia, the Reece Foundation found that while the improved community health was impactful on its own, it was the side benefits that really elevated this program. The connections and consultation with local leadership, the transference of skills through training and the reciprocity experienced by Reece Foundation’s skilled volunteers meant everyone involved benefited.

Importantly, the key elements the made up this successful model can be replicated in other Asian communities and the Pacific region, wherever local communities invite the change.

“I encourage you to play to your strengths and only invest in community led programs developed through community led consultation.” Ash Sheridan, Reece Foundation

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A tailored program

Reece Australia Water Project, Cambodia

AVI supported Reece Foundation by tailoring the volunteer program to suit their needs.


  • AVI undertook screening, reference checking, psychometric and behavioural assessments with the candidates to ensure cultural competence. AVI worked with the Reece Foundation and its local partner as part of the selection process.
  • AVI utilised its Volunteering Mobilisation Model to work with the Reece Foundation to mobilise and deploy the volunteers to Cambodia. This model included key mobilisation tasks such as predeparture briefing, working in concert with the local partner to provide in-country support and pastoral care, and provision of a de-mobilisation briefing.
  • AVI co-ordinated the necessary medical, COVID-19 requirements and other background checks and provide mobilisation support involving co-ordination of visa, flights, transfers, accommodation.  AVI facilitated the payment of living allowances to the volunteers.
  • AVI acted as Reece Foundation’s trusted advisor in mitigating and managing risks associated with sending volunteers to international communities
  • AVI drafted the Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy for the Reece Foundation.

Reece Australia Water Project, Cambodia