Australian Volunteers International

May 10, 2023

Meet Sandra and Alex, heading to Samoa

This mother and son duo are embarking on a 12-month volunteer assignment in Samoa.

Sandra and Alex have both chosen to volunteer in organisations that empower and support women and children. This is Sandra’s second volunteer assignment with the Australian Volunteers Program and she is excited to share the experience with her son. What a brilliant way to celebrate Mothers day!

Sandra: As a Grant Writer at Samoa Victims Support Group, I’m excited to work in a team to attract funding for programs that support victims of crime and vulnerable members of Samoa’s society, particularly women and children. These programs aim to ensure that victims of crime and those in need are well supported, safe and in control of restoring their lives.

Alex: Women in Business Development Inc., aims to empower and equip rural families to cultivate sustainable businesses that maximise farm-based resources. As a Marketing and Program Support Mentor, I will work with the WIBD team to create and implement marketing strategies that help its clients to access knowledge, skills, opportunities, finance and markets.

The team at AVI thank Sandra and Alex for sharing their skills and knowledge, and inviting lasting change for these Samoan communities.