Australian Volunteers International

The Visiting Emergency Medicine Registrar Program

The Australasian Volunteers Program has been working in partnership with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine to support the delivery of the Visiting Emergency Medicine Registrar Program.

The Visiting Emergency Medicine Registrar Program, VEMRP, assignments make it possible for Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, ACEM, trainees to complete placements with partner organisations in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Rotations under the VEMRP can be accredited towards the trainee’s ACEM training, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

In these roles, volunteers support the capacity development of Emergency Department staff to deliver safe and effective emergency care; through improved skills and knowledge, effective clinical leadership enhanced ED processes (such as triage, ‘fast-track’, or managing patient flow) and improved quality of care.

Beyond the VEMRP, ACEM have also supported the Australian Volunteers Program in identifying and referring Emergency Medicine volunteers more broadly; including doctors, nurses and support staff.

There have been mutual benefits for all involved in the partnership, with ACEM receiving the framework and expertise in international volunteering to support their Global Emergency Care activities; and the Australian Volunteers Program benefiting from the technical vetting and expertise of ACEM’s recruitment and referral of volunteers.

Most importantly, the partner organisations – the National Referral Hospital in Solomon Islands, Port Moresby General Hospital in PNG and Vila Central Hospital in Vanuatu – receive highly skilled volunteers in Emergency Medicine to support them in achieving their public health objectives.