Australian Volunteers International

March 22, 2023

AVI’s in-country recruitment services

AVI’s in-country recruitment expands with the Doherty Institute

One of the many benefits of a network across 27 countries is access to great quality recruitment candidates. With many Australian organisations expanding into developing countries, seeking local, skilled employees can be particularly challenging.

Which is why AVI’s recruitment service continues to grow, supporting organisations like the Doherty Institute as it works to combat antimicrobial resistance (COMBAT-AMR) in Pacific Island countries in partnership with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security.

The Doherty Institute is working across four key pillars of activity: infection prevention and control, antimicrobial stewardship, laboratory diagnosis, and surveillance and animal health.

“We work at both the institutional and national level, linking up with key government stakeholders and working within existing policy frameworks. We provide training and mentorship to improve detection and prevention of AMR. We work with key personnel in Fiji, Samoa, PNG and the Solomon Islands, strengthening skills and capability within the country to address the growing threat of AMR.

“Through our partnership, AVI provides in-country service support and allow us to access the human resources to run the project. We were able to get the coordinators in place in Fiji and Samoa which gave us the capacity to start working, relationship building and delivering on work plan activities. This would not have been possible without AVI’s support.

“An additional opportunity was identified to provide in-country laboratory capacity and AVI provided the logistical support to respond to the identified need through the recruitment of a microbiologist in Samoa.
“As we are based in Melbourne, we rely heavily on the ability of our project coordinators to act as the main point of contact for the stakeholders we work with in-country. Having AVI recruit the right person for these roles is important in terms of delivering project outcomes, but also for the project’s reputation.

“It is really important to have someone who is organised and understands the local context, as well as what we are hoping to achieve through the project.”

“AVI’s flexible approach and ability to respond quickly to our needs has been instrumental in the overall success of the project. It has been an incredibly positive relationship and very easy to manage with great transparency on both sides. We hope to continue to partner with AVI, leveraging the success of this project to build an institutional partnership in the future.”

Chantel Lin, Program Manager