Australian Volunteers International

May 25, 2021

AVI leads by example in Child Protection

The call to protect and safeguard children, and uphold children’s rights, continues to be a priority for AVI.

Our commitment to children has never been so important, with global reports documenting the increased risks and vulnerability for children as a result of COVID-19.

AVI’s Child Protection Policy establishes a set of strong standards and practices to ensure no children are ever harmed as a result of any of AVI’s programs or activities. These standards include child-safe recruitment such as background checks for all staff, volunteers and associates, a broad code of conduct that embeds AVI’s child safe culture into everyday practice, immediate reporting of any concerns for the safety or wellbeing of a child, and an obligation to review risks for children when new programs, activities or partnerships are considered. These standards continue to be underpinned by the principles of shared responsibility, zero tolerance of harm, and respect for children’s rights.

AVI’s updated Child Protection Policy includes strengthened behavioural expectations for staff and volunteers, including not engaging in orphanage volunteering or tourism activities, definitions of online harm and exploitation, and clearly articulated procedures for reporting, including AVI’s duty to support the safety of notifiers. The policy continues to be fully aligned with the principles and standards of DFAT’s Child Protection Policy, and is also responsive to the expectations of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), which AVI is a member of.

For further information on AVI’s Child Protection Policy, please contact