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PWSDI members and staff in front of office

August 23, 2023

AVI grants working to strengthen civil society in the Solomon Islands

A grant from AVI helped People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWSDI) socialise their child protection, PSEAH and anti-corruption policies.

People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI) is a national, self-help non-profitable organisation with headquarters in Honiara.  PWDSI advocates for the full recognition and expression of the rights and responsibilities of people with disabilities in Solomon Islands. This includes their active participation in all areas and levels of society. In addition, PWDSI advocates for the provision of essential services for persons with disabilities.  

In 2022, PWDSI applied for an AVI Grant to socialise a number of organisational policies which had been developed over the previous years and approved at Board level. The policies included Child Protection, PSEAH (Prevention of Sexual Assault, Abuse and Harassment) and Anti-corruption Policy. The project aimed to rollout the policies to staff and Board, providing them with training and support so that the policies were understood and implemented in the organisation. 

With a grant from AVI, PWDSI was able to engage a consultant to facilitate a two day workshop attended by representatives from a number of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and their affiliates. 

In addition to enhancing financial accountability practices for these organisations, the implementation of the policies provides increased protection for adults and children with disabilities. In the Solomon Islands, as in many parts of the world, people with disabilities are especially vulnerable to assault and abuse and civil society organisations play an important role in prevention and reporting. 

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Image top: PWDSI members and staff stand in front of PWDSI office