We believe in

We believe people in developing countries know the social, economic and environmental development goals they want to achieve.

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We believe in
sharing knowledge

Since 1951, AVI has brought the right people together to share skills and knowledge, building locally-driven capacity where it’s needed most – in people,organisations and systems.

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We believe in
locally-led change

Because we support the development process, not drive it, we know the change is truly fit for purpose and sustainable.

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We believe in
working together

Interpersonal relationships are central to our mission. That’s why we invest in long term partnerships with a range of businesses, governments and non-profit organisations.

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We focus on three long term development outcomes:

How we achieve our vision

Partner organisations are supported to achieve their development goals. We believe change driven by those closest to and with the best understanding of the challenges and solutions is the most sustainable approach.

Deployees gain professionally and personally and promote greater understanding back home. We believe learning should always flow both ways, resulting in collaboration across cultures and a more informed and understanding Australian community.

Volunteering for sustainable development is recognised and grown worldwide. We believe exchanging skills and knowledge is a highly effective modality and by sharing research and best practice we can help this work expand.

Where We Work

A Global Presence

AVI’s presence spans 29 countries right around the world, supporting sustainable, people-centred development initiatives built on relationships of mutual trust and respect.

Volunteering for development

Australian Volunteers Program

The Australian Volunteers Program matches a broad range of skilled Australians with partner organisations in 26 countries across the Pacific, Asia and Africa, contributing to sustainable development outcomes. AVI manages the program, in an AVI-led consortium with DT Global (formerly known as Cardno International Development) and Alinea International, on behalf of the Australian Government.

Solomon Islands Medical Partnerships for Learning, Education and Researc

The Solomon Islands Medical Partnerships for Learning, Education and Research (SIMPLER) exists to assist and support in the supervision and training of large numbers of returned foreign-trained medical graduates to Solomon Islands, while also providing continuous medical education opportunities. SIMPLER is a collaboration between AVI, the Australian Volunteers Program, the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Ministry of Health & Medical Services – Solomon Islands and the National Referral Hospital, Honiara.

Reece Foundation Partnership

AVI partners with Reece Foundation, supporting skilled tradespersons to work with communities delivering impactful water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects in Australia and overseas. Reece Foundation exists to empower Australian tradies to use their skills to improve the lives of those who need it most – with a vision for all people to have access to clean water and sanitation

AVI Offices

140 AVI staff members worked from offices in 22 countries to provide worldclass support participants in all programs and initiatives we manage.

Student Mobility Services

AVI provides a highly customisable, faculty-led student mobility service for universities. We work with academic institutions to develop a fit-for-purpose program that ensures students engage in a fully immersive cultural experience and gain academic credit (where applicable), while also providing peace of mind they are supported by robust safety and security mechanisms and experience. 

Technical Advisors & Mentors

In-Country Communication Officer Network

AVI is commissioned by The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) to engage a network of communications professionals in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Vietnam and Kenya. The In-Country Communication Officer Network (ICCON) initiative aims to raise greater awareness of ACIAR’s agricultural research and projects in the Pacific, East Asia, South and West-Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa regions

Farmer Volunteers – Kenya

AVI partnered with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) to launch the Farmer Volunteers – Kenya program. The program’s first volunteer was based at a local farm at Athi River, just outside Nairobi. There, he worked with local farmers, producer groups, and rural businesses to develop local capacity and help increase agricultural productivity.

Doherty Institute

As part of the DFAT funded COMBAT AMR project (Combating the threat of antimicrobial resistance in Pacific Island Countries), AVI is commissioned by the Doherty Institute to recruit and engage a microbiologist in Samoa, and to continue to engage two national project coordinators based in Fiji and Samoa.

AVI Pacific People

AVI Pacific People is the first Pacific-wide specialised end-to-end recruitment service, headquartered in Suva, Fiji. Pacific People aims to secure more specialist, management and senior executive roles for people in the Pacific and build skills through workforce development. It also aims to encourage labour mobility within the region by working with partners throughout the region, while also enabling diaspora to return to work in their home countries.

Capacity Strengthening

Australian Humanitarian Partnership

As part of Plan International Australia’s consortium for the Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP), Disaster READY, AVI continued to support local partner organisations in Fiji and the Solomon Islands with capacity development and institutional strengthening activities for disaster preparedness and response.