The Myanmar Sustainable Tourism Business Hub is a new shared value partnership between AVI, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Intrepid Group.

Quick facts

  • The partnership was selected in the first round of the Australian Government's Business Partnership Platform (BPP). 
  • The BPP seeks to build on a changing aid paradigm by engaging more and new partners, particularly the private sector, into the delivery of aid and development, with a view to achieving shared value – both economic and social. 
  • DFAT, Intrepid Group and AVI have all contributed seed-funding for the establishment of the Hub.

Roadside vendors, Yangon, Myanmar

Partnership details

The Hub will be a central, coordinating facility that will provide its clients – individuals, SMEs, social enterprises – with new competencies, enabling them to better participate in the growing tourism economy of Myanmar through the provision of sustainable, experience-rich travel products. It is envisioned the Hub may also support emerging providers with some form of micro-financing options.

The first stage of the project is a feasibility study, which is considering current tourist demands, existing supply chains, current competencies and where the Hub’s services are most needed and best focused.

Partnership aims

The current feasibility study will better define the Hub’s offerings and desired outcomes, but it is hoped the Hub will contribute to achieving the following:

  • Provide opportunities for individuals, SMEs and social enterprises to participate in Myanmar’s growing tourism economy
  • Build business, tourism and sustainability skills and competencies among a cohort of local Myanmar people, SMEs, and social enterprises
  • Grow the incomes of individuals and the profitability of enterprises
  • Grow the number of women participating in the tourism supply chain
  • Increase the number and quality of tourism products provided by individuals, SME’s and social enterprises
  • Establish a sustainable and reliable supply chain that has both economic and social development benefits.