Online skilled volunteering made easy

With more than one million Australian professionals and their companies affected by COVID19, this service will be offered completely free of charge for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

About SkillsBank

Almost 80 per cent of Australian companies offer staff a number of volunteer days each year as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments. Yet, despite actively encouraging participation, only 17 per cent of companies reach their volunteer days target.

At the same time, Australia’s 59,000 registered charities struggle to access the skills they desperately need. Time poor and resource stretched, it usually feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

To address this, we’ve launched SkillsBank, Australia’s first dedicated online skilled volunteering platform.

We make it easy for professionals to register their availability and expertise and for charities to find the skills they need.

No more advertisements. No more applications.
Just connecting the right people at the right time. Simple.

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How it works

At SkillsBank, we make volunteering and addressing skills shortages painless. Forget searching for opportunities for staff to participate in charitable work – SkillsBank flips this model on its head.

Instead of pushing volunteers out to charities, our pull approach means participating corporates encourage staff to enter their skills and availability into a database that charities then search, calling on experts when they’re needed the most.

SkillsBank provides support to ensure the right connections are made, including for a number of volunteers in a multi-skilled project team, resulting in truly sustainable and tangible outcomes for all.

With almost 70 years’ experience facilitating skilled volunteer experiences in Australia and around the world where shortages exist, AVI is uniquely positioned to offer a high quality, low cost, convenient solution.

Register your expertise or search our database. We’ll take care of the rest.

For any support or enquiries, please contact skillsbank@avi.org.au

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