JoZaSo, also known as the Sustainable Tourism Hub is an innovative partnership between AVI, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Intrepid Group, selected in the first round of the Australian Government's Business Partnership Platform (BPP). 

Based in Myanmar, the initiative aims to build capacity for business owners in the tourism industry as part of a paradigm shift in development. By engaging new partners - particularly the private sector - the Sustainable Tourism Hub strives to achieve shared value for all parties, both economic and social.

We know that tourism plays an important role in developing countries where large populations of marginalised people’s livelihoods are upheld by small businesses. The Sustainable Tourism Hub provides funding and skills development training to individuals and owners of small and medium enterprises(SMEs) in the tourism sector, boosting their economic growth potential.

As in many developing countries, an estimated 90 per cent of all businesses in Myanmar are considered SMEs, making micro-enterprise and family businesses a key driver of the economy. The Sustainable Development Hub is committed to strengthening the abilities of female entrepreneurs, empowering them as one of the most powerful forces for development.

After receiving their initial training, the most promising businesses go on to access continuing support including mentoring and small loans to scale their businesses in a rapidly growing market. Through this partnership, AVI, DFAT and the Intrepid Group are challenging traditional approaches to development and creating new, viable employment opportunities with real economic and social sustainability.

Myanmar Sustainable Tourism Fund