February 27th, 2018

AVI Publishes Position on Residential Care for Children

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In response to the growing body of evidence highlighting harm to children living in residential or institutional care overseas,  AVI’s Position on Residential Care for Children brings together a significant body of work, noting engagement with ‘Re-Think Orphanages’, the Australian Council for International Development's (ACFID) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  

As an organisation, AVI is committed to implementing a "child's right's based approach," which acknowledges the family as, when possible, the optimal vehicle to give care. The paper outlines AVI's position to proactively supporting organisations that are re-thinking traditional models of children’s care and supporting transitions towards family/community-based alternatives. AVI will be unable to support or engage with any entity that continues to involve or is involved with traditional models of residential care institutions for children as a part of our practice. 

For more information on AVI's position, see the paper in full here.  

AVI Position on Children's Residential Care