December 21st, 2016

5 TED Talks on compassion and joys of giving back

1. The how and why of effective altruism

By Peter Singer

Renowned philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer talks through some surprising thought experiments to help you balance emotion and practicality — and make the biggest impact with whatever you can share.


TED Talk_Peter Singer

2. Reconnecting with compassion

By Krista Tippett

Author and journalist performs a “linguistic resurrection” on the word compassion to remind us that words matter, they shape the way we understand ourselves and the world, and the way we treat others.


TED Talks_compassion 1

3. How to let altruism be your guide

By Matthieu Ricard

“Can altruism be a real pragmatic solution?” asks monk, author and photographer Matthieu Ricard. In facing personal, societal and significant environmental challenges, Ricard offers some good advice.


TEDTalks_Monk Matthieu

4. My wish: The Charter for Compassion

By Karen Armstrong

Former nun Karen Armstrong offers provocative and original thoughts on religion for the modern world. Whatever we choose though, there’s a golden rule that must remain at the centre of it all.


TEDTalks_Karen Armstrong

5. Why some people are more altruistic than others

By Abigail Marsh 

Psychologist Abigail Marsh asks why some people act selflessly? What causes and urges compel us to act in ways that affect others so powerfully?


TEDTalk_Abigail Marsh