Students at Yezin Agricultural University, Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

Yenzin Agricultural University

Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) is Myanmar’s leading training institution in agricultural science, linked directly to the national Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It plays a crucial role in introducing new …
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Sanglah Hospital waiting area

Sanglah Hospital, Bali

Sanglah Hospital, the largest of the 33 hospitals in Bali, is a 738-bed government-owned facility that serves as a referral hospital for the provinces of Bali, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) …
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Australian volunteer Lyn Everingham (Phychosocial & Mental Health Facilitator) with students weeding organic garden at The Learning Farm, Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

The Learning Farm, Indonesia

Established in 2005, The Learning Farm (TLF) is a residential organic farm in West Java that runs a 100 day training program for street kids and other vulnerable youth. Each …
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Yap Environmental Protection Authority

Established in 1986 through the Yap Environmental Quality Protection Act, the semi-autonomous Yap EPA’s mission is to preserve the important historic, cultural, and natural aspects of Yapese heritage, and protect …
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Australian volunteer John Westland with Andy Taba’a (black shirt) and Jordy Toiraena (red hat) in the ‘under construction’ sound studio at the office of The Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) Honiara, The Solomon Islands. Photo: D. James

The Solomon Islands Development Trust

The Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) is an indigenous NGO. Since 1982, it has been working with villagers across the Solomon Islands provinces to promote community empowerment, community-led development, and …
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Australian volunteer Ron Schimpf  from So They Can, working with a group of rural farm workers in Tanzania. Photo: M. Willman

So They Can, Tanzania

Founded in 2009 by Cassandra Treadwell and Keri Chittenden, So They Can (STC) works together with poor, rural communities in Africa to educate and empower, so they can break the …
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The team from AfricAid

AfricAid, Tanzania

AfricAid teaches, mentors and supports secondary school girls to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities. Through our intensive and holistic leadership and life skills training programs, …
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Australian volunteer Geoff Dean examining seedlings with farmers Sefa, Wani, Tony, Geoff Dean, Loui and Filipe, in Fiji. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

Habitat for Humanity, Fiji

Habitat for Humanity Fiji (HFHF) works in partnership with low income families and communities to build and improve homes, civic buildings, and infrastructure – such as water/sanitation systems, evacuation centres, …
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Australian volunteer Timothy Lawther of Ra’es Hadomi Timor Oan (RHTO) works with Isabel Gracia, the mother of a Ra’es Hadomi Timor Oan (RHTO) member. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

Ra'es Hadomi Timor Oan, Timor-Leste

Ra'es Hadomi Timor Oan (RHTO) is the Disabled Peoples Organisation (DPO) in Timor-Leste. It was established by volunteers in 2006 to coordinate, share information, and advocate together for the rights …
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Fishing of a Dili beach, Timor-Leste

Bairo Pite Clinic

The Bairo Pite Clinic is an NGO primary health facility in Timor-Leste that provides free health care to over 300 patients each day. Its comprehensive service extends from primary health …
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Pamela Douglas, fabric seller at Kokopo Market, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

Burnet Institute PNG

Established in 1986, internationally respected Burnet Institute has been working in PNG more than 15 years, utilising its unique combination of medical research and public health expertise to develop local …
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A sister at Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation preparing breakfast using vegetables from the garden. Photo: H. Djoyobisono

Rabaul Historical Society

The Rabaul HistoricalSociety is a volunteer group, working to preserve, safeguard, and exhibit the history and relics of East New Britain’s past through its various phases of settlement, governance and …
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