June 21, 2022

Child safe tourism toolkit launched in Fiji

Last week, AVI launched its ‘Community-based child safe tourism toolkit – a practical resource for communities in Fiji to strengthen child safety measures within tourism activities.

The Toolkit was developed with the primary purpose of providing communities in Fiji with practical information to strengthen child safety measures within tourism activities.The Toolkit provides information on simple things everyone can do towards making tourism safe for children and positive for everyone.

It includes checklists, user-friendly templates and supporting materials for communities in the tourism sector. It also provides a list of recommendations and practical tips to help communities, parents and caregivers, tour operators, and tourists take meaningful action to encourage the safeguarding of children in tourism.

Download the toolkit

The Toolkit is an initiative of AVI’s Child Safe Volunteering Hub and has been funded by the Australian Government.

AVI would like to thank the Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Tourism and Trade (MCTTT), Fiji for its support and partnership in child safeguarding in tourism and in the development of this Toolkit.

We would also like to thank the following organisations who, through consultation, provided valuable insight and shared their knowledge to inform this Toolkit.

  • Tourism Fiji
  • Think Pacific
  • Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective SOFTA
  • Homes of Hope
  • Save the Children Fiji
  • International Labour Organization, Fiji Grace Trifam Ministry
  • Model Towns Charitable Trust
  • Fiji Hotel & Tourism Association