A leader for 65 years, AVI is an Australian not-for-profit organisation committed to achieving economic and social development outcomes across Asia, the Pacific and the world.

AVI invites change. We connect people to bring about change by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience through international pathways and networks.

We combine our extensive cross-sector networks with an evidence-based approach, which contributes to economic, social and environmental change for communities in our region and beyond.

And as we support and co-design locally driven initiatives that help stimulate sustained outcomes, rewarding relationships between Australians and our international peers are made.

The future we can see

When communities and organisations invite change in partnership with AVI, the experience is transformational. People’s lives change – in communities abroad and in Australia. In partnership, AVI is inviting change for a future where: 

  • Women and men design their own future and experience the benefits of longitudinal sustainable change.
  • The economic and social well-being of entire communities changes to meet their aspirations and dreams.
  • More Australians contribute to the development of our region by learning, growing and sharing knowledge.
  • Complex problems are identified and solved through innovation, collaboration and multi-disciplinary skill sets.
  • Australia has a continued and positive presence in the region, with Australian community ambassadors in every corner.